Tech-Girls: What We Do


Tech-Girls was founded in 2012 with a mission to empower girls to imagine and achieve their future dreams in our tech-savvy world. With the support of awesome volunteers and local organizations, Tech-Girls brings hands-on tech-related programming to girls throughout the region. In 2015, Tech-Girls and Charlottesville Women in Tech joined forces with the goal of supporting and helping women and girls begin their journey and stay in the technology pipeline.

Signature Programs

Girls' Geek Days

Girls' Geek Days

Girls’ Geek Days are all about sparking elementary school-aged girl’s interest in technology and computing by providing a fun, collaborative, hands-on environment to learn new tech skills & helping them connect to other STEM programs in the community.

Bio-Med Tech Girls

Bio-Med Tech-Girls

Bio-Med Tech-Girls is a summer program for young women in high school run in collaboration with the UVA Department of Biomedical Engineering, St. Anne’s-Belfield School and the i.Lab at UVA.

Tech-Girls Maker Club

Tech-Girls Maker Club

Tech-Girls Maker Club brings together women and girls who are interested in learning together how to bring wearable tech fashion ideas to life through sewing & soldering, programming & electronics and more. We meet weekly at Tinkersmiths and bring our learning to Computers4Kids once a month.

Be sure to check out the Tech-Girl Monthly for the latest tech-related events in our region for girls & boys!

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