Charlottesville has been described as The Little Tech Engine That Could. Resources? We got ’em! In fact, we have so many of them, it can be bewildering. Here’s our own guide to how to find your local tech footing.

Where are the techies?

Cville and its surrounding counties host all sorts of tech gatherings, both real and virtual. In the virtual category, a quick and easy way to catch the ear of the local tech community is to join the local slack team, which was started after beCamp 2015.

What’s beCamp? It’s an annual tech “unconference” held (usually) in September. The event is spontaneously organized on a Friday evening and then held all day Saturday. It’s a fabulous opportunity to present, learn, and share ideas tech (and non-tech) ideas with local folks. And of course, it’s a terrific chance to network!

The Neon Guild listserv is another avenue to reach local tech folks. To get on this famous list, however, you have to attend at least one of their monthly meetings (except summer). Their webpage has all the details.

Let’s meet!

Have a free evening? You can probably spend it at a tech-related soiree or meetup. We’ve got plenty of tech-themed meetups: to name just a few, you might check out PyCHO (all Python, all the time), beCraft (in-depth presentations on advanced tech topics), the Salesforce Users Group or Tinkersmiths (where tactile meets tech). Speaking of making things, women are welcome to join the TechGirls Maker Club.

If you are in the mood for some schmooze, consider CBIC’s TechOnTap nights (second Tuesdays) or Charlottesville Technologists (first Wednesdays). Like to chat while you code? Girl Develop It, in addition to holding classes on various aspects of programming, hosts Code and Coffee sessions at least once a month.

I need a (new) job!

There are many places you can look for job postings. We particularly like We post jobs from our local sponsors on our website. There is also a #jobs channel on the cville slack team. Don’t be shy! Tell folks on that channel that you are looking, and consider sending an email to the Neon Guild listserv (see above) and/or CWIT’s own Google group.

Check out the full list of links on the sidebar, including some regional/national resources.