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Charlottesville Women in Tech Celebrates Two Years of Meetups June 1

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Charlottesville, Va., May 25, 2016 – Charlottesville Women in Tech (CWIT) will celebrate two years of hosting monthly meetups on June 1. These sponsored events are free and open to all the women in our community. The meetups feature speakers and panelists who share their knowledge and experience on tech- and career-related topics.

“Charlottesville has benefited from an active technology community, but when I first started attending these events, it was discouraging to see a large gender imbalance,” said Eileen Krepkovich, President of CWIT and a Research Scientist at Barron Associates, Inc.

“As soon as we started hosting meetings specifically dedicated to women in tech, we had women coming out and enthusiastically joining in our new group. From there, we further encouraged our membership to get out into the tech community events. It has been very rewarding to see the increasing numbers of women at these meetups and notice the change in group dynamics that result from a better balance. The Charlottesville Technologists group has supported us from the beginning, and we are excited to partner with them again as we celebrate our second year of CWIT!”

Beyond the goal of increasing diversity in the local tech groups, CWIT also hopes to reach more women who don’t necessarily consider themselves ‘in tech’.

“There are many women in our community who would fit right in at, and also benefit from, our meetups, but who do not attend because they do not believe that they fit the description ‘women in tech’.  So our goal this coming year is to reach out to a broad audience of women and change their idea of a ‘woman in tech’ so that it includes them,” said Jessica Otey, Vice President of CWIT and a System Administrator at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

LOCATION: Kardinal Hall, 722 Preston Ave
DATE: June 1, 2016
TIME: 6:00 – 8:00pm
CONTACT: Kim Wilkens (

Coverage of this event is encouraged. Interviews with organizers and participants are available.

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