About CWIT


Charlottesville Women in Tech (CWIT) is an organization for emerging and established professionals that provides human connections and resources for women and girls interested in or associated with technology. Our vision is to bridge the gender gap in tech by providing a safe and welcoming environment for women and girls to connect, learn and collaborate in Charlottesville.

We host monthly meetings that include speakers on tech topics and allow for networking with other local women. Events are free and open to all women in our community.

Through our Tech-Girls program, we collaborate with volunteers and organizations to run programs focused on fostering girls interest and confidence in STEM education.

Diversity Matters

It is a proven fact that diverse teams are more successful. According to a Deloitte Consulting study, highly diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by 80%. However, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) organizations have yet to realize this benefit. The metrics on women in tech are actually getting worse as girls are 5 times less likely to consider a career in technology than boys.

How do we find a way to encourage more women into STEM fields, and how do we enable them to grow and flourish once they have a foothold in these careers? Charlottesville Women in Tech (CWIT) and Tech-Girls have joined forces to do just that! Through a series of educational programs, support networks and career resources, our mission is to bridge the gender gap in tech by providing a safe and welcoming environment for women in tech to connect, learn and collaborate in Charlottesville.

What does it mean to be a woman in tech?

We are open to anyone in and around the Charlottesville area who identifies as a woman and possesses an interest in technology. Whether you are just becoming tech-curious or already work/play in tech, we encourage you to attend our meetings. Our group includes coders, designers, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, startups, managers, sysadmins, engineers, biotech, etc.

Are men in tech allowed?

We really appreciate and need our male allies. There are already many other events that bring together the local tech community. Often our meetups are gender-specific, with special events throughout the year that are inclusive to the entire tech community.

About CWIT Leadership

CWIT is run by an all-volunteer Board that organizes the group’s activities, including securing donations that allow the group to operate without charging either membership dues or attendance fees.

Current Board Members