Find Your (Tech) Speaking Voice: Part 2

Part 2 of Find Your (Tech) Speaking Voice featured Kate Rabinowitz, creator of She created this list of women and non-binary speakers after analyzing the speaker scene at DC Tech Meetups in 2016 and finding that almost no women spoke.


What’s NOT the problem?

Since creating the list she, along with others who advocate for more representation of women tech-related meetups and conferences, often hear the following excuses:

1) Women-only spaces take away from gender diversity at co-ed spaces

2) The industry has a low percentage of women

3) Relying on current networks can fix the problem


Why should you speak for yourself?

  • To gain confidence
  • To solidify your knowledge
  • To establish yourself professionally
  • To make new connections


New to public speaking?

  • Public  speaking is not an innate trait, anyone can be a great public speaker
  • Start small & local if it feels scary
  • Pick a topic you are passionate about, you probably know more than you think
  • Consider the audience & present clear goals and takeaways
  • You’re telling a story, give it structure
  • Practice, know the theme & pace, but don’t memorize every word
  • Breathe & find your rituals
  • Mistakes will be made, roll with it & know everyone is on your side
  • Everyone experiences imposter syndrome & public speaking is a good “outside your comfort zone” experience




Are you working on a proposal or giving an upcoming talk? We’d love to hear about it! You can get feedback on your proposal by sharing on the CWIT google group and we’d love to start tracking and highlighting presentations given by our members on our website. Contact with the details.

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